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Fordham Conversations: Missing Persons

Fordham Conversations: Missing Persons
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Challenges in searching for a missing person

There are over 80,000 people in the FBI’s missing persons file.  For some, the methods of finding a lost loved one are as mysterious as their disappearances. 

WFUV’s Rob Palazzolo talks with Dr. Arnita Fowler.  Her son was missing for almost 20 years before she discovered that his body had been buried in the potter’s field of Hart Island, NY.  Due to restrictive laws, a lack of resources for locating missing adults and bureaucratic red-tape it took Fowler four years to recover her son’s body.

Fordham Conversations host Robin Shannon talks with privacy and information policy consultant Robert Gellman.  They discuss some of the legal and ethical challenges in searching for a missing person.  Robert also co-wrote a report with Fordham CLIP that offers a roadmap to the legal and policy issues surrounding privacy and missing persons following natural disasters.