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Fordham Conversations: Kenny Leon: The Denzel Washington...

Fordham Conversations: Kenny Leon: The Denzel Washington Endowed Chair For Theater
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Actor and Director Kenny Leon Talks About Becoming A Teacher, Making It In The Business, And Finding Your Personal Passion.

This week on Fordham Conversations we hear from Matthew Maguire, the director of the Fordham Theater Program.

He talks about the notable history of the program and Denzel Washington's past with theater at Fordham University. But first, we talk to actor and director Kenny Leon. He was the Fordham University Denzel Washington Endowed Chair for Theater in 2014. 

Music Used:

Empire State of Mind- Alicia Keys/ Jay Z

Something Good Can Work- Two Door Cinema Club

Uptown Funk- Bruno Mars 

People Featured:

Kenny Leon

Matthew Maguire- Director of the Fordham Theater Program