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Fordham Conversations: Jesuit Martyrs of El Salvador

Fordham Conversations: Jesuit Martyrs In El Salvador
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Remembering The Jesuit Martyrs of El Salvador-- 25 years later.

Early in the morning of November 16th 1989 a group of soldiers entered a Catholic college campus in San Salvador and forced six Jesuit priests from their beds. They then shot and killed them along wit their housekeeper and her daughter. It all happened during the decade long civil war that ravaged El Salvador in the 1980s. The murders provoked international outrage. We are joined by three guests to discuss the massacre, the preists' mission, and their legacy.

     Dr. Michael Lee- Associate Professor of Theology at Fordham University

     Dr. Jim McCartin- Associate Professor and Director of Fordham Center on Religion and Culture

     Father Neil Connolly- Pastor at Saint Francis de Sales Catholic Church

Music featured this week:

Apocalyptica: Nothing Else Matters

Apocalyptica: One