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Fordham Conversations: Art in the Bronx

Fordham Conversations: Art in the Bronx
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The art scene in the Bronx is more underground than Manhattan's, but it's on the rise.
This week on Fordham Conversations is all about art in the Bronx. David Storey, visual art professor at Fordham University, talks about art's relationship to New York City and how it has spread to the outer boroughs. Then, Chris Williams travels to the BronxArtSpace in Mott Haven on the opening night of the 'Portals and Interventions' exhibit. He talks with curator Linda Cunningham and artists Marita Ibanez, Rosemarie Fiore, Vidal Centeno, and Xavier Figueroa.
Music on the show in order of appearance:
Music for a Found Harmonium- Penguin Cafe Orchestra
Modern Art- The Black Lips
You can download this show here.
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