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Food Delivery Workers Protest Electric Bike Ban

Food Delivery Workers Protest Electric Bike Ban
Workers call on lawmakers to repeal laws that ban "no-pedal" electric bikes.
Food delivery workers and advocacy groups gathered in Chinatown today calling for New York City lawmakers to repeal a ban on electric bikes.  They argue that these 'no-pedal' vehicles make deliveries less physically taxing on workers.
Attorney Shaun Basinski of the Urban Justice Center said these laws unfairly target immigrant populations
"It seems like people don't mind getting food from them,but they see these folks on the street, maybe one of them whizzed passed once a little too quickly, so its usually couched as a pedestrian safety issue.  But I've lived in New York City for 20 years; I've never been hit by a bicycle delivery man." Said Basinski.
Two new laws that took effect on November 11th stiffen penalties against electric bike users.