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Fanfarlo's Amos Memon on Father Christmas And Other...




As The Alternate Side counts down the days to Christmas, we continue on our tireless (overly earnest) quest of asking (nudging) some of our favorite bands for their Yuletide and year-end impressions (and drunken reveries). Next up is Amos Memon, drummer and vocalist for London's orchestral popsters Fanfarlo, who muses upon Father Christmas, Deerhunter's Bradford Cox and dreams of America.

Fanfarlo, who released their debut album Reservoir this year, have gotten into the holiday spirit on their own website with a pretty nifty advent calendar. As you click on each day, counting down to Christmas, little gifts of screensavers, free tickets, live performances, poems and more are revealed, including the impromptu, back-of-the-van seasonal tune in the video below.

Amos, how do you enjoy spending the holidays?

Usually I try and catch up with my sisters, cook, gossip and hang out watching films together. It's not a festive meet-up, but I am aware that there's a plastic toy Father Christmas that makes an annual appearance in the house. Where it goes after Christmas, I do not know, but it comes back every year without fail.

What were some records or concerts in 2009 that you especially liked?

My favorite concert of 2009 was John Maus at The Rest Is Noise in London. It was a joyous occasion. He's a modern day poet, and emotionally croons or belts out his lyrics over his vintage keyboard riffs. Just imagine a hundred people singing: "That's it, I've had enough/It's time to get a job/I need money for bills and stuff/It's time to get a job In exchange for money/You will trade your very soul."

I'm also grateful to Bradford Cox for uploading so many musical treats to the Deerhunter blog. Worthy mention to Ilyas Ahmed's Goner album.

What is the most meaningful holiday gift you've ever received?

A few years ago, I received a postcard from a friend I hadn't seen for ages saying, "Hi!" It came out of the blue and meant a lot. Perfect timing.

What's the best lesson you learned from the last ten years? And what's the best advice you can offer anyone for the decade ahead?

What is this? Therapy? Best lessons/advice: Stay in school. There's plenty of time for everything. Keep doing what you're doing. Trust no one. If that works, say, "so far so good."

If you could have one wish that could come true for 2010, what would it be?

Well, the band hatched a plan to spend some downtime in the USA for half a year, purely to get inspired and start work on a second album. If that happened, that'd be sweet. Failing that, just to be kept busy would be enough. As if we aren't busy enough already?