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Fanfarlo - Words and Music - 2012

Monday at 9pm on Words and Music: Sci-fi, synths, and a saxophone are just part of the Fanfarlo sound.



We were introduced to the Brit band Fanfarlo by the folk influences and electric instrumentation of its debut, 'Reservoir,' and now they turn up the pop with an 80s-inspired vibe on the new album, 'Rooms Filled With Light.' During a visit to FUV, they performed a few of the new songs and spoke with host Alisa Ali, who says: 'You never know where a conversation is going to go with some people. I meant to stay on topic with Fanfarlo when they came in to talk about their new album, but somehow we ended up talking Sci-fi and Communism. I almost like it better that way though!' [recorded: 03/06/12]