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Ex Hex: 2019

Ex Hex in Studio A (photo by Jeffrey Pelayo/WFUV)

Ex Hex in Studio A (photo by Jeffrey Pelayo/WFUV)



Washington, D.C.'s  Ex Hex is the very definition of a power trio: Mary Timony on guitars and vocals, Betsy Wright on bass and vocals (and sometimes guitar), and Laura Harris on drums. It's been five years since the group's debut, Rips, and they're back with a second album, It’s Real — and it's a real good time.

The high-energy rock record has a big guitar sound influenced by '80s production, specifically the sound found on Def Leppard’s Hysteria. Lyrically, Ex Hex writes songs about being bruised and knocked down, but never in a sad or sullen way. Timony, Wright and Harris acknowledge the lows while soaring sky high, and they knocked it out of the park with their live performance in Studio A, joined by bassist David Christian.

They played "Rainbow Shiner" and "Cosmic Cave" for this FUV Live session and I chatted with the band about the new record. (They'll play New York again on May 9 at Elsewhere.)

[Recorded: 4/4/19; Engineer: Chris Russo; Producer: Sarah Wardrop]