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Erin McKeown - Words and Music - 2013

Monday at 9pm on Words & Music, it's the 'Manifestra' of Erin McKeown, as Alisa Ali welcomes Erin and her band to Studio A. Check out video.



The lovely Erin McKeown graced the WFUV studios again, this time in support of her latest album, Manifestra. The title is certainly appropriate, and during the interview Erin admitted that, at first, she didn't even realize she'd made up a new word. I think "manifestra" should be a word though and I will launch a petition to Webster's Dictionary to have it added once I stop listening to her record — which may not be anytime soon. I am obsessed with it!

As with all of Erin's albums, Manifestra showcases her wide love of musical genres from pop to jazz, soul to folk. It is also a very political record, but it goes down like a sugar pill. In our conversation, I found Erin's warmth and humor so endearing and her political and musical perspective both unique and inspiring. I'm so pleased that we have video of the performances too, so you can see what I saw the day she stopped by Studio A.

[recorded: 01/15/13]