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Election Night 2012 Timeline

Election 2012 Timeline
WFUV News election night timeline

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6:00am:  Barack Obama re-elected as president. Watch the President's full re-election speech.

5:51am: (NYT) G.O.P. in Surprise Fight to Hold New York Senate

11:45pm: (AP) The Republicans retain control of the House of Representatives.

11:45pm: (AP) The Democrats retain control of the Senate.

11:45pm: (NPR) Barack Obama wins Colorado (9).

11:40pm: (NPR) Barack Obama wins Nevada (6).

11:20pm: (AP) Barack Obama will be re-elected president of the United States. He and Mitt Romney have won 23 states apiece, with Obama leading the electoral count, 275-203.

11:20pm: (AP) Barack Obama wins Ohio (18).

11:15pm: (NPR) Barack Obama wins Oregon (7).

11:10pm: (CNN) Barack Obama wins Iowa (9).

11:10pm: (NPR) Mitt Romney wins Missouri (10).

11:05pm: (CNN) Barack Obama wins Wisconsin (10).

11:00pm: (CNN) With 41 of 50 states tallied, Mitt Romney has won 22 states to Barack Obama's 19, but now Obama has taken the lead in the electoral count, 234-193.

11:00pm: (CNN) Barack Obama wins California (55), Hawaii (4), Oregon (7), and Washington (12). Mitt Romney wins Idaho (4).

10:55pm: (AP) Mitt Romney wins North Carolina (15). That's the second state that the challenger has picked up in the 2012 election, along with Indiana.

10:45pm: (NPR) Mitt Romney has secured all five electoral votes in Nebraska. This is a change from 2008, when Barack Obama captured the 2nd Congressional District and garnered one electoral vote in the state.

10:45pm: (NPR) Barack Obama wins Minnesota (10).

10:40pm: (AP) Mitt Romney wins Arizona (11).

10:25pm: (NPR) Barack Obama wins New Mexico (5).

10:15pm: (AP) At least six incumbent New Jersey members of the House of Representatives have won re-election to their seats.

10:15pm: (NPR) With 33 of 50 states tallied, Mitt Romney has won 19 states to Barack Obama's 14, and leads the electoral count, 163-148.

10:15pm: (NPR) Mitt Romney wins Montana (3).

10:05pm: (CNN) Barack Obama wins New Hampshire (4).

10:00pm: (CNN) Mitt Romney wins Utah (6).

9:50pm: (AP) New Jersey voters approve requiring judges and justices to pay more for benefits, overriding the Supreme Court.

9:50pm: (CNN) So far, the results of this election are identical to the results of the 2008 election, with one exception: Mitt Romney winning Indiana. Barack Obama won the Hoosier State in 2008.

9:40pm: (CNN) Barack Obama wins Pennsylvania (20).

9:35pm: (AP) New Jersey Congressman Bill Pascrell, a Democrat, wins the 9th District, defeating Republican challenger Shmuley Boteach.

9:00pm: With 29 of 50 states tallied, Mitt Romney has won 17 states to Barack Obama's 12, and leads in the electoral count, 153-123.

9:00pm: (AP) In the New York senatorial race, Democrat Kristen Gillibrand successfully defeated Republican challenger Wendy Long.

9:00pm: (CNN) Mitt Romney wins Kansas (6), Louisiana (8), Mississippi (6), Nebraska (5), North Dakota (3), South Dakota (3), Texas (38), and Wyoming (3). Barack Obama wins Michigan (16), New Jersey (14) and New York (28).

8:50pm: (CNN) In the New Jersey senatorial race, Democrat Robert Menendez successfully defeated Republican challenger Joe Kyrillos.

8:40pm: (CNN) Mitt Romney wins Alabama (9).

8:30pm: (AP) Mitt Romney wins Arkansas (6).

8:25pm: (AP) In the Connecticut senatorial race, Democrat Chris Murphy defeats Republican Linda McMahon.

8:20pm: (AP) Mitt Romney wins Tennessee (11), regaining the lead in the electoral count in the process. He now leads Barack Obama 67-64 with 16 of 50 states tallied.

8:10pm: (FOX News) Mitt Romney wins Georgia (16).

8:00pm: (CNN) With 14 of 50 states tallied, Barack Obama has won nine states to Mitt Romney's five, and leads in the electoral count, 64-40.

8:00pm: (CNN) Barack Obama wins Connecticut (7), Delaware (3), Illinois (20), Maine (4), Maryland (10), Massachusetts (11), Rhode Island (4), and Washington, D.C. (3). Mitt Romney wins Oklahoma (7).

7:40pm: (NBC News) Mitt Romney wins South Carolina (9).

7:30pm: (AP) Mitt Romney wins Kentucky (8 electoral votes), West Virginia (5), and Indiana (11). Barack Obama takes Vermont (3).