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DeVotchKa: 2018

DeVotchKa at WFUV

DeVotchKa at WFUV (photo by Gus Philippas)



DeVotchKa can sweep you off your feet and whisk you away with their music. The band's graceful compositions gallop with guitars and percussion and swell with strings and keys. Their sound easily lends itself to visuals too. In 2006 they achieved widespread success for their work on the soundtrack and score for the comedy "Little Miss Sunshine," which earned them a Grammy nomination. Since that time,  DeVotchKa's frontman Nick Urata has had steady work in the film industry and now balances that with the group.

The last time FUV saw the band in Studio A was in 2011 when they stopped by to chat about the album 100 Lovers. They're back in 2018 with their first studio album in seven years, another romantic collection of songs called This Night Falls Forever.

I was so pleased to welcome them back to Studio A for another FUV Live session.

[recorded: 8/23/18]