Dawes: 2018

Dawes in Studio A (photo by Neil Swanson/WFUV)
by Carmel Holt | 06/28/2018 | 12:00am

Dawes in Studio A (photo by Neil Swanson/WFUV)

The digital age has made passwords synonymous with access, but some might argue that we're more disconnected than ever. In the case of the new Dawes album, Passwords, it is songs that give us access to frontman Taylor Goldsmith’s perspective on the modern world, love, forgiveness and empathy.

On the band's return to Studio A, Taylor was joined by his brother, drummer Griffin Goldsmith, bassist Wylie Gelber, and newest Dawes member, Lee Pardini, on keyboards to showcase a few of the new songs from their sixth album. We also chatted about the band reuniting with producer Jonathan Wilson, writing songs while happy, and why we should listen before reading lyrics.

[recorded: 6/19/18]

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