Danielle Ponder (single artwork)


New York's Danielle Ponder has managed to take on two difficult careers in tandem — as a defense attorney in Rochester's public defender's office (and later a diversity, equity and inclusion officer there) and as a professional musician. After years of giving back to her community (inspired by her brother's own struggle in the justice system), Ponder recently stepped away from the law to pursue music full time. In October, she released her debut album, Some of Us Are Brave, on the Future Classic label. Her towering single "So Long" showcases the very reason that Ponder was wise to run after her life's other passion — her incredible voice.

“I was going through a lot of personal s**t these past couple of years," said Ponder a press release, "lots of introspection and trying to understand my heart and find my footing in relationships. I write the songs I need to survive the situations I am in, and these are those songs. In their pure rawest forms, they are what provides me comfort. I can only hope that people who are experiencing some of the same things I have will also find that these are songs that will help them push through it. Through this album, I hope to become freer, less afraid to face the truth, and ultimately find my tribe, people who feel it, people who get it.”

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