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Dan Mangan + Blacksmith - FUV Live - 2015

Hear an FUV Live session with Dan Mangan + Blacksmith tonight at 9.



Canadian singer-songwriter Dan Mangan is a very talented fella. His album Nice, Nice, Very Nice was nominated for a Polaris Prize and he had the (ehem) good fortune of winning a Juno Award for his last album, Oh Fortune. Dan is back again with his fourth full-length album, Club Meds, and I wouldn't be surprised if he finds himself on the red carpet for this one too. He'll have company this time, as this new album is billed as Dan Mangan + Blacksmith. Although he's been playing with the guys in Blacksmith for a while now, he has finally made it official.

The band stopped by Studio A to play us a couple of the new songs, which you can check out here. Stay tuned to WFUV for the full session which includes my interview with the guys.

[recorded: 11/21/14]