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The Damnwells: 2015

The Damnwells with Alisa Ali

The Damnwells with Alisa Ali. (Photo by Michael Sperling)


The Damnwells are back with a new self-titled release and it’s the first Damnwells album in almost a decade to feature all of the original members of the group. According to the band: “This record represents four guys, 15 years, a few defeats, and a ton of tiny victories”
After hearing how funny and charming The Damnwells are in this studio A session, if you weren't already a fan, prepare to be converted!  Their new album is cool, clever and catchy and it's great to have new music from this talented yet humble band.
Hear my conversation with them as well as a couple live performances during this episode of FUV Live.
There is also great documentary about them called, "Golden Days" (named after one of their songs). It is definitely worth watching. 
[recorded: 5/7/15]