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City Council Approves Newsstand Price Limit

City Council Approves Newsstand Price Limit
City Council approves legislation that raises the price limit at newsstands from $5 to $10.

The New York City Council announced Monday that it had passed legislation that will raise the price limit for selling products at curbside newsstands from $5 to $10 (before tax). Many say this move will allow for small business owners to boost their revenue streams and remain relevant as consumers' needs get pricier.

Perhaps most significantly, the passed legislation will allow newsstand owners to upgrade their umbrellas and offer cell phone chargers for sale.

"Our legislation makes sure that the laws of our city remain current and ensures small business owners will continue to compete and succeed in New York City," Speaker Christine Quinn said in a release.

Robert Bookman of the Counsel to New York City's Operators Association thanks the City Council for "recognizing how hard it is to make a living running a sidewalk newsstand."