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Cigarettes After Sex: 2017

Cigarettes After Sex at WFUV (photo by Kristen Riffert)

Cigarettes After Sex at WFUV (photo by Kristen Riffert)



About a decade ago in El Paso, Texas, the singer and songwriter Greg Gonzalez created his musical project known as Cigarettes After Sex. At first a solo endeavor, Gonzalez's early version of the band had a much more uptempo sound than the dreamy one he finally landed on.

He relocated to Brooklyn a few years ago and solidified the sound and his band. The immediate positive response to the songs and first Cigarettes After Sex EP was an overwhelming affirmation that he was on the right path. As YouTube numbers climbed into the millions, and shows began selling out, Cigarettes After Sex got a record deal, and finally released their self-titled debut this year.

The band stopped by Studio A to share a couple of songs from the group's eponymous release. Gonzalez also discussed how his sound evolved and the role that film — and romanticism — plays in his writing.

[recorded: 6/20/17]