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Charly Bliss: 2017

Charly Bliss in Studio A (photo by Veronica Moyer/WFUV)

Charly Bliss in Studio A (photo by Veronica Moyer/WFUV)



Charly Bliss formed in New York City a few years ago and just released its debut album, Guppy. Full of fuzzy guitars and sugary-sweet vocals, the band is a throwback to classic indie rock of the '90s but with a distinct pop sensibility. The quartet has spent plenty of time on the road honing their sound and forming a clear identity for themselves — an impressive feat for a young band.

We caught up with Charly Bliss at SXSW earlier this year, where they performed a stripped-down arrangement of the song, "Glitter." Their recent visit to Studio A, though, was full volume, and I also had a chance to talk with the band about the making of their album, their goals starting out, the total joy they have playing music live, and lots more.

Hear that conversation and check out super fun live versions of “Percolator” and “Westermarck.”

[Recorded: 4/25/17]