Cavalcade for March 3

BADBADNOTGOOD (photo by Sylvain Chaussee, PR)
by Paul Cavalconte | 03/03/2024 | 6:59am

BADBADNOTGOOD (photo by Sylvain Chaussee, PR)

My verdict on an ear-catching current offering by BADBADNOTGOOD is good! The secret sauce in "Time Moves Slow": Samuel T. Herring.

Through BADBADNOTGOOD's years of musical adventure, the group has always tapped a for-hire vocalist (high-test lead singers, who needs 'em?!) be it a jazz, hip hop, or R&B vehicle. The accent is on the latter as Sam, the Future Islands singer, steps in to add vintage soul character through his powerful voice and unique phrasing to the Canadian instrumental combo's downtempo hit.

To get "Cavalcade" rolling for the first Sunday evening in March, "Time Moves Slow" blends with a fine new song by Sam's day-job band, also MGMT, Lana Del Ray with Bleachers, and with faves by The Cure and even Hall & Oates.

And given that occasion, it's a "Golden Anniversary LP Crate Dig" into the album releases of March 1974, where artists ranging from ABBA to Rush took their first bows, amidst hit makers like Chicago and Cat Stevens.

"Cavalcade," Sundays from 6-9pm, streaming online and in the Archives after broadcast.

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