Buck Meek: 2024

Buck Meek (photo by Gus Philippas for FUV)
by Kara Manning | 02/05/2024 | 12:01am

Buck Meek (photo by Gus Philippas for FUV)

As the guitarist and backing vocalist for Big Thief, Buck Meek has long brought the intimacy and intelligence of his musicianship to that band's thoughtful soundscape. As a solo artist, Meek's songwriting is evocatively brushed with storyteller's sensibility and a dreamer's lyrical twists and turns.

His third solo album, Haunted Mountain, is rich with buoyant love songs and Meek's affection and understanding of country, folk, and bluegrass. However, he deftly reaches beyond those genre boundaries to something more intangible that stirs deep memories, joy, and meditation. It's a beautiful album.

FUV was happy and grateful to welcome Buck and his bandmates — guitarist Adam Brisbin, pedal steel player Mat Davidson, bassist Ken Woodward and drummer Sam Doores — for a special FUV Live video session of three songs from Haunted Mountain: "Where You're Coming From," "Haunted Mountain" and "Paradise."

[Recorded: 10/27/23; Engineered by Jim O'Hara; Videographers: Lilja Cormack, Nikki Estelami, Stephanie Lane, Adithi Vimalanathan, Alena Godas]

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