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Bronx Latinos Celebrate History

Bronx Latinos Celebrate History
Bronx County Historical Society displays artifacts from Latino history in the Bronx.

The Bronx’s growing Latino population has played a major role in the borough’s history. Now, the Bronx County Historical Society is displaying its artifacts in celebration of Hispanic History Month. 

Angel Hernandez, the education coordinator for the Bronx historical society, has been working on the Bronx Latino History Project for the past two years. He has collected photographs, news clippings, ticket stubs, and letters that document the lives of Latino immigrants in the Bronx.

“You had all these people, Latinos or those who had a very close connection with Latino history, living in the Bronx,” Hernandez said, “and we still have more information coming out, and that's why we put this project together.”

Hernandez hopes this project will show everyone a different side to the Bronx.

“My job is to highlight that and to give people, not only Bronxites and New Yorkers, but the world, this new view of the Bronx,” he said.

The collection is currently on display at the Bronx County Historical Society.