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Bill Thompson Criticizes NYCHA

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Mayoral candidate publically lays into housing authority and its chairman.

In a news conference outside City Hall Park, Bill Thompson called for NYCHA Chairman John Rhea's resignation, though not for the first time.

In July of 2012 it was revealed that the New York City Housing Authority has been accumulating - but never spending - upwards of $42 million for security improvements.  Chairman Rhea promised to install or update security devices (like camera) in 85 housing projects.  So far, only 74 have been successfully outfitted.  Thompson says this causes unnecessary danger, and discriminates against people living in public housing.

"He's acting as if the basic needs of NYCHA residents - clean, safe apartments - do not matter."

Thompson has been critical of NYCHA and its chair for much of his campaign, and hinted that this security issue was symptomatic of a bigger problem.

"Those over 600,000 people are being ignored.  It is outrageous."

A spokesperson from NYCHA released this statement:

“The New York City Housing Authority has completed installation of 806 cameras so far this year; NYCHA has in construction more than half the 85 security and CCTV enhancements scheduled for this year. We currently expect to complete all the listed developments in 2013.”