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Bedouine: 2018

Bedouine at WFUV (photo by Kristen Riffert)

Bedouine at WFUV (photo by Kristen Riffert)



The Bedouin are a Middle Eastern nomadic people of the desert. Though not technically a Bedouin, the artist Azniv Korkejian, who records as Bedouine, began her life in Syria, then Saudi Arabia, before her Armenian parents won a green card lottery and moved to the United States.

Bedouine, the artist, is a bit of a nomad herself. First landing in Boston, then Houston, she moved to Los Angeles to follow her artistic pursuits. She has since spent time living in the South and Austin, Texas before returning to the Los Angeles neighborhood of Echo Park. This is where she connected with bass player and producer Gus Seyffert who would end up playing a central role in shaping Bedouine’s gorgeous and confident self-titled debut.

Bedouine has also been selected by WFUV as one of 20 artists in NPR Music's Slingshot for 2018, as an exceptional emerging artist.

In her first visit to Studio A, an intimate performance of a couple of Bedouine’s songs and more of her fascinating story.

[recorded: 11/13/17]