Bailen: The Bitter End 2023

Bailen (photo by Gus Philippas for WFUV)
by Paul Cavalconte | 02/07/2024 | 2:18pm

Bailen (photo by Gus Philippas for WFUV)

"But they're so young! Bailen are too innocent to have Tired Hearts. Think again. The Long Island-raised sibling trio of Julia and (fraternal twins) Daniel and David Bailen is back with an ear-pleasingly harmonic, but thematically complex new album, Tired Hearts. In a bold step for the group, there are also some edgy videos depicting conflict, struggle, and liberation.

The songs check the Bailen boxes of tightly woven harmonies (it is a sib-thing) in melodic songs of basic structure and sonorous instrumentation. They still project like the cool kids at your dorm who always draw a suite hang for sing-alongs.

But much more life has happened to these three unique individuals since those carefree days. New songs like "Call It Like It Is," "Nothing Left To Give," and the title song detail that journey.

Sonically, Bailen is in the good hands of Bon Iver and Waxahatchee producer Brad Cook, and with mixing by Lars Stalfors (St. Vincent, Soccer Mommy) turning the knobs for the new album.

But in the new FUV Live performance space of the legendary The Bitter End on Bleecker Street, Bailen get to step on the same soapbox that supported all the folk legends of yore, and FUV Marquee Members got to drink in the group's new songs of life discovery, along with a pint or two.


  • Tired Hearts
  • Nothing Left to Give
  • Call It Like it Is
  • Here We Are Again
  • Shadows
  • These Bones
  • Something Tells Me
  • Everything to Everyone
  • 25

[Recorded on 6/26/23; Engineered by Jim O'Hara; Produced by Meghan Offtermatt]

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