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Back in the Office

Office essentials (photo by Goumbik for Pixabay)

Office essentials (photo by Goumbik for Pixabay)


G'morning, FUV. It's Benham Jones in for Corny O'Connell on this late October Monday. And speaking of that Monday feeling, I'm back in the studio for the first time in 19 months and getting adjusted to office life again.

For today's Question of the Day, I'd love songs that mention the office essentials, whether that’s coffee, computers, paper clips, or anything in between.

Tell me your picks, and I'll get to a set after 9 a.m.

Songs played:

1. Harry Nilsson, "Good Old Desk"
2. Belle and Sebastian, "Step Into My Office, Baby"
3. Talking Heads, "Paper"
4. Sarah Vaughan, Black Coffee"
5. Regina Spektor, "The Ghost of Corporate Future"