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The Avett Brothers: 2016

The Avett Brothers with Carmel Holt at WFUV

The Avett Brothers with Carmel Holt at WFUV (Photo by Sarah Burns)



There is a core honesty about The Avett Brothers. It’s a quality that has endeared them to their fans since their start over a decade and a half ago, when they were a simple trio, comprised of brothers Seth and Scott Avett and bassist Bob Crawford.

As honest and true as any great American success story, the Avetts built their careers on good old-fashioned sweat, creative drive, and most of all, a seemingly bottomless well of talent. Now that simple trio has expanded to a seven-piece band and they just did their first headlining gig at Madison Square Garden. This spring, The Avett Brothers released their ninth studio album, True Sadness, which is their fourth release with Rick Rubin in the production chair.

All of this success, and yet The Avett Brothers retain their DIY appeal. If anything, they are more open and honest than ever. We were thrilled to welcome them to Studio A to share some new songs and insights into the new album on FUV Live.

[recorded: 6/27/16]