The Antlers - FUV Live - 2014

The Antlers with Alisa Ali, photo by Deirdre Hynes

Image Caption: Hear an Alternate Side in Session with The Antlers.
by Alisa Ali | 04/29/2015 | 4:16pm

This Brooklyn trio first started making real traction in 2009 when they released their third full-length album, Hospice. As the title suggests, that record dealt with some pretty weighty subject matter, but it was presented in such a moving way that it was impossible not to get swept away by it. Since then, the band has continued to hone their craft of creating stirring sonic landscapes. Their latest release, Familiars, is a thoughtful and deliberately-paced collection of songs that instills calmness and warmth. It’s an enveloping release that rewards multiple listens. The Antlers recently visited Studio A to play us some of their new material and to talk about their new record. 

[recorded: 6/18/14]

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