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Amanda Shires: 2018

Amanda Shires in Studio A (photo by Alex Brennan/WFUV)

Amanda Shires in Studio A (photo by Alex Brennan/WFUV) 



The multi-talented Amanda Shires sings, writes songs, plays violin, and balances a rich creative, personal, and professional life.

Shires is married to fellow musician Jason Isbell and she's also a member of Isbell's 400 Unit backing band. Last year she joined him on the touching duet,"If We Were Vampires," on his album, The Nashville Sound. She's an alumnus of Bob Wills' Texas Playboys and Thrift Store Cowboys.

But it's Shires' new solo album, To The Sunset, that finds her meeting new challenges in singing, performance, and production.

She visited FUV Live with two new songs and talked about her inspirations and and how she keeps her many worlds in harmony.

[recorded: 7/30/18]