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Agnes Obel: 2017

Agnes Obel

Agnes Obel (photo by Alex Brüel Flagstad)



For Agnes Obel’s third album, Citizen of Glass, the Berlin-based Danish musician found inspiration in a branch of German social science and law, exploring issues of privacy and personal history.

Although the concept might sound philosophically weighty, Agnes' music is airy, ethereal and richly arranged. She often multi-tracks or shifts the pitch of her own voice and for this album she expanded far beyond the piano too, dabbling in some unusual vintage instruments like a celesta, a harpsichord and a Trautonium, a type of early electronic synth.

Citizen of Glass is a wintry album — and Agnes Obel’s songs are as beautiful as candlelight, offering warmth and contemplation during a cold, dark time of year. In our FUV Live conversation Agnes discussed her motivation to make Citizen of Glass and her responsibility as an artist… and a citizen of the world.

[recorded: 9/22/16]