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Ages and Ages at SXSW 2014

How long has it been since a song made you feel this good? Ages and Ages, at SXSW 2014.

Ages and Ages (@AgesandAges) calls themselves "a collective of like-minded souls [who] believe in the power of music to change the world and elevate the spirit." Their uplifting music, with lyrics by bandleader Tim Perry, delivers serious messages accompanied by handclaps, shakers and noise-makers.

The Portland ensemble are just releasing their second album, Divisionary, a follow-up to 2011's Alright You Restless. The title track, "Divisionary (Do The Right Thing)," is pretty much stuck in a loop in the heads of everyone who's ever heard it, with the biggest hook ever fronting layers of harmonies and percussion. The band’s trademark choral sound with many-part harmonies are also right up front on the stomping “I See More,” reassuring us that “It’s all OK, I’ll be on your side,” which they performed for us in our Hotel San Jose courtyard at SXSW.

Perry defends the in-your-face happiness: "These songs reflect...optimism, but they don't do so lightly or try to dodge the struggles we're dealing with." More at:

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