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A.C. Newman: Guest DJ: 2017

A.C. Newman with Carmel Holt at WFUV

A.C. Newman with Carmel Holt at WFUV


A.C. (Carl) Newman started The New Pornographers in Vancouver 20 years ago with a wide-ranging and lifelong love of music, though he didn’t actually pick up an instrument until his late teens. From Bacharach and David and Jimmy Webb to New Wave, Giorgio Moroder, Belle and Sebastian and even early grunge, it is a fascinating stew of influences that caught Carl’s ear and stoked his creative fire over the years.

On the heels of releasing The New Pornographers' fantastic seventh album, Whiteout Conditions, the primary songwriter and ringleader for the band took us on a musical journey from his early childhood up to the present day, with a ton of great stories, observations and reflections on what has now been a very successful, two-decade career.


  • Paper Lace, "The Night Chicago Died"
  • Pointed Sticks, "Marching Song"
  • The Plimsouls, "A Million Miles Away"
  • Soul Asylum, "Sometime To Return"
  • Belle and Sebastian, "Photo Jenny"
  • Chicory Tip/Giorgio Moroder, "Son Of My Father"
  • Clinic, "Walking With Thee"
  • Cloud Nothings, "Wasted Days"

[recorded: 3/30/17]

Audio for this interview is no longer available, but you can listen to the full playlist on Spotify.