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Ásgeir - FUV Live from Electric Lady Studios - 2014

Hear an FUV Live show from Electric Lady Studios with Ásgeir, tonight at 9.



In the Silence is the stirring full-length debut from Icelandic artist Ásgeir. His music is a cool mixture of electronic and folk, delivered in a haunting falsetto. During this live concert at the famed Electric Lady Studios, Ásgeir performs songs from his album and an inspired Nirvana cover.


  • Head In The Snow
  • Higher
  • Summer Guest
  • On That Day
  • Going Home
  • Heart-Shaped Box
  • King and Cross
  • Torrent

You can also hear a conversation and performance with Ásgeir recorded in WFUV's Studio A.

[recorded: 06/18/14]

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