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The $99,000 Answer


As someone who "brives a dus" during the week, I identify with Ralph Kramden, both as a fellow holder of a CDL and an amateur musicologist. After being stumped by "Swanee River," Kramden is led offstage babbling a series of songwriters. When the MC says, "I'll Be Seeing You," Ralph knows to blurt, "Irving Kahal and Sammy Fain!" Mr. Kahal, who was born March 5, 1903, will be saluted on tonight's "Big Broadcast." Here's another one he wrote with Sammy Fain (and Addy Britt). It's a Canadian issue of a recording issued on any number of US budget labels, including Banner and Domino. These were 35 & 50 cent discs, at a time a Victor or Columbia could set you back twice that. But you got what you paid for; the sound quality is "budget," But it's a good performance by a name band: Harry Reser's Orchestra.