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Janeen Shaitelman

Janeen Shaitelman


Since 2001, Janeen Shaitelman has brought her passion for music to WFUV. As the Marketing and Promotions Director, Janeen is responsible for setting up partnership agreements with all the shows and festivals that the station sponsors. She also manages the Member Line, MemberCard Program, and Events Calendar. "To be able to work closely with the music that means so much to me is very special," Janeen says. "I love helping to promote and support artists that deserve to be heard."

Before coming to WFUV, Janeen spent 12 years doing promotions and sales in commercial radio, and was fortunate enough to spend a few years working with Dennis, Vin, and Pete at WNEW-FM. Janeen also worked as the Director of Marketing for

In addition to fulfilling her many responsibilities at WFUV, Janeen is also a wife and mother. She lives in Northern New Jersey with her husband, Ed, and her daughter, Abby. Ed is a guitarist, teacher, and mastering engineer. Abby, predictably, loves music. "If I am working a table at a WFUV sponsored show, she is probably with me - dancing away," Janeen says. As well as spending time with her family, Janeen also loves to garden and paddleboard.