8Track with guest DJ Gail Ann Dorsey

Gail Ann Dorsey: 8Track

November 18, 2021|Russ Borris
The renowned bass player and singer make it all about songs as soundtracks — to movies, and to life.
Albert and David Maysles

WFUV Movie Music: Gimme Shelter (1970)

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When David and Albert Maysles agreed to film the 1969 Rolling Stones American tour, they never imagined their movie would...

Cinematographer Laszlo Kovacs

WFUV Movie Music: 'Born To Be Wild,' Easy Rider (1968)

October 03, 2012|Darren DeVivo

Wyatt and Billy. They take to the highways of America, tossing aside the constraints of the establishment. They are hippies...

Rock Flicks: Your Faves and Ours

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What are the greatest rock flicks of all time? Here are the FUV DJs' picks of their most memorable rock movies - both...