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What is “Old New Borrowed Blue”?

It’s a way for listeners to pitch their own set of music — based on the old wedding adage ‘Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, Something Blue’ — including four songs in this order:

  1. Old (a classic, a staple, a must-listen favorite)
  2. New (a recent song)
  3. Borrowed (a cover)
  4. Blue (anything blue — a sad song, a blues song, a song with ‘blue’ in the lyrics — we're not picky, so get creative)

And please tell us if there's a unifying theme, or why you put those four songs together.

When is it?

#FUVONBB is with host Alisa Ali, Monday through Friday at 12:30pm (New York time). At 11am, Alisa will announce on social media and on-air to start thinking about YOUR set of music. We'll pick our favorite set and play it at 12:30pm.

How can I participate?

You've got some time to come up with the set — ask your co-workers for help if you'd like. Post your picks as a comment on the WFUV Facebook Page, post to Twitter with the hashtag #FUVONBB or you can email it to

Is there a prize?

Yup!  We'll give a shout-out to you and your friends or office mates (which could be your cats or dogs if you’re working from home), and each week one entry will be selected at random and sent a FUV Swag Bag.