Yo La Tengo - FUV Live - 2013

Yo La Tengo photo by Carlie Armstrong

Image Caption: Hear Yo La Tengo perform live on WFUV tonight at 9
by Alisa Ali | 03/10/2020 | 3:29pm

This veteran indie rock band from Hoboken, NJ has been steadily releasing smart and innovative music since the '80s. They've escaped being pigeonholed into any one genre since they've experimented with so many different ones. Now almost 30 years into their career their sound is almost self-referential on their latest album, Fade, which weaves in elements from previous records.

The trio recently stopped by WFUV to talk about and play some of their new songs for an FUV Live session. One of the new songs the band played was "Ohm" and I talked to them about their fantastic video for it. I'll include that video as well as the Studio A performances here so you can check them out. They're all great!

Also - on a personal side note - I feel pretty confident in saying that even though the year is not yet over, Yo La Tengo's Fade is one of my favorites of the 2013. I hope you enjoy this session as much as I did.

[recorded: 07/16/13]


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