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Yet Another Heated Debate for NYC Comptroller

Yet Another Heated Debate for NYC Comptroller
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Democratic candidates Eliot Spitzer and Scott Stringer turned the questions on each other in last night's debate.
Former Governor Eliot Spitzer and Manhattan Borough President Scott Stringer discussed issues like pension funds and stop and frisk in their second debate for Comptroller - that is, when they weren't taking jabs at each other.
Last night's cross-examination round allowed the candidates to turn the questions on one another.  Stringer questioned Spitzer's whereabouts  during Superstorm Sandy.
"Here we were struggling to get food and blankets to people in NYCHA housing, send supplies to Coney Island, go to Breezy Point...and what were you saying on that TV show that you got two million dollars for?  You were criticizing us as we were in the streets; you were telling us we weren't doing enough.  But you didn't get your hands dirty."
Spitzer shot back, saying he got his hands dirty for ten years as Attorney General and Governor.
"We changed the education budget of the city of New York, we reformed health care, we transformed Wall Street.  We took on the tough battles - you sat on your hands, and played dice with the establishment."
The candidates will have another chance to get the Democratic vote at the final debate on August 22.  The primary is September 10.