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Working from Home Due to the Storm? Expert Advice for...

Working from Home Due to the Storm? Expert Advice for Staying Productive
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WFUV's Stephanie Colombini talked with experts about how employees can stay productive when they can't make it into work.

A winter storm means another snow day for some New Yorkers.  So how do you stay productive when you have to work from home?

Jan Jasper is a productivity consultant in the greater New York City area.  She says the recent bad weather should serve as a cautionary tale for employers.  She says it's more important than ever they provide staff with technology like company laptops or secure networks connecting home computers to the office, so employees can perform the same tasks they would at work from home.

"We've had a few storms like this this year, and you can't just keep saying, 'Well, you know, that's a few days lost, but it won't happen again,' because it probably will happen again."

But how do you handle distractions at home if you need to get work done -- like when the kids are home with you? 

Susan Lasky is a productivity coach in Westchester.  She says there is no need for all work and no play.

"Take an hour and go out sledding with the children.  You could come back and be just as productive -- more productive -- for having had a break."

Lasky recommends people outline detailed plans for the day in advance to help maintain a focused work ethic at home.