William Prince: 2020

William Prince in Studio A (photo by Steven Ruggiero/WFUV)
by Rita Houston | 02/05/2020 | 12:01am

William Prince in Studio A (photo by Steven Ruggiero/WFUV)

I've been a fan and a crusader for the songs of Winnipeg's William Prince since I first heard his stunner, "Breathless." He writes the kind of songs that stop you in your tracks. It's his voice, it's his lyrics, and it's his classic, timeless sound.

Now Prince joins me for FUV Live on the occasion of the release of his new album, Reliever, and he explains the title with a baseball metaphor. He even wrote a thesis for this album (something I've never heard an artist do before) and I'll talk with him about that as well.

Prince grew up in Peguis First Nation in Manitoba, in a house full of music. He has a deep love for hip hop, and in fact, Biggie Smalls is even referenced in one of his songs.

His lyrics are shining nuggets of wisdom and fine writing. Neil Young has taken him on the road and Prince has just returned from his first UK tour, so the world is starting to find out about his music. It's so worthwhile and I'm happy to share it with you on FUV Live.

[Recorded: 1/15/20; Engineer: Jim O'Hara; Producer: Sarah Wardrop]

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