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The White Buffalo - Words and Music - 2012

Hear the latest tales of The White Buffalo (a.k.a. Jake Smith), tonight at 9pm on Words & Music. Check out video here.



The White Buffalo stopped by to chat and play a few songs from his latest album, Once Upon a Time in the West, and his voice sounded as big as ever. When I first heard the music of The White Buffalo, it seemed that he was as elusive as his moniker. There wasn't a lot of info on Jake Smith or his music, but over the last year or so, his story has grown. While there may be some challenges as a grass roots artist, Jake sees them as more of a positive. It's clear, too, that his music and storytelling are evolving. Many characters make their way into these songs. Check out the down-on-his-luck widower in "The Bowery."

[recorded: 06/18/12]

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