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WFUV at SXSW: Rachael Ray


As I was waiting at the Hotel San Jose for Ben Kweller to show up for our interview, who should I bump into but celebrity chef,  Rachael Ray!  She was hanging out with her husband (who is in a band called "Cringe") and a few friends.

They were actually playing around on our set, pretending to interview each other.  I stepped in and said, "you know what? why don't we do an actual interview?"  Everyone was up for it, so we did an impromptu interview. 

Since getting back home, everyone who I've told this story to always asks the same question: "Was she actually as nice as she seems on TV?"  I am happy to report that YES! she really is.  What you see on TV is actually her.  She is a genuinely cool person and as it turns out, very knowledgeable about music as you'll see in the interview.