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WFUV at SXSW: Pickwick



Seattle’s Pickwick (@PickwickMusic) found themselves in a crowded scene of folk-rock until they busted out in a soul direction, thanks in no small part to the big fat vocals of lead singer Galen Disston.

Of all the Public Radio Rocks artist picks, this is the new, young band we're picking to be a future hit.  A public radio discovery thanks to our sister station KEXP, they’re about to release their debut record, Can't Talk Medicine, after a year of putting out singles as vinyl 45s.

The soul icing on their rock cake brings more than just a vocal style, though. As guitarist Michael Parker told KEXP: "I think what we’ve all identified with and draw from on those classic 60′s &70′s soul records is the combination of passion, groove, and melody that the artists from that time seemed to possess. The energy on those old R&B/Soul tunes is undeniable. Those folks put 100% of themselves behind the vocal and the performance. It’s really inspiring stuff to listen to. On top of that, it’s music that forces you to interact with it physically. I don’t know know of anyone who can listen to the opening riff of a song like “Superstition” without bobbing their head or tapping their foot. Nick Drake is great, but his music doesn’t make you do that."

Rounding out the 6-piece combo is Kory Kruckenberg, Michael’s brother Garrett Parker, Cassady Lillstrom and Alex Westcoat.

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