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WFUV at SXSW: Mount Moriah at Hotel San Jose


Jenks Miller and Heather McEntire met working in a record store in Chapel Hill, NC.   They first hatched in the form of a pop combo, but grew up to form a folkier, more Americana band.

Mount Moriah (@mountmoriahband) garnered attention right away for Heather’s literary lyrics describing the South’s grit and elegance, and they earned the early support of Indigo Girl Amy Ray: "She's kind of, for lack of a better phrase, taken us under her wing a bit and we've kind of developed a friendship,” says Heather. “I'm going to sing on her record… and she's gonna sing on our next one. It's just nice."

Once they released their self-titled debut in 2011, Mount Moriah hit the road. The band has seen some miles since then, and recently came off a stint opening for The Hold Steady's Craig Finn in support of his solo album. Jenks says, “It’s been really good for the band to be on the road… whatever trials we may have gone through have brought us closer together.”

Their second album, Miracle Temple, is out on Merge Records; the band encourages their fans to purchase it from their local independent record store.
And now we bring you video treats: A live Hotel San Jose courtyard version of “Bright Light,” and a conversation with FUV's Russ Borris.

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