Urban Tales: Zoya Garg from BY ZOYA

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by Maya Sargent | 12/06/2022 | 12:35pm

Zoya Garg

On this episode of "Urban Tales," a FUV News podcast, I interview Zoya Garg, founder of BY ZOYA.

BY ZOYA is a handmade fashion company, based in New York City. BY ZOYA's work is centered around keeping fashion fun, whimsical and playful, leaning into the many different ways clothing can inspire. 

Zoya's styling also extends beyond BY ZOYA into her own personal brand. Moving to New York City at just 18 years old, she says the atmosphere of NYC has been a significant motivator for her work.

Zoya and I discuss how she navigated the online business market at such a young age, the transition from Seattle (her hometown) to New York City, and what she has planned for her fashion-filled future. 

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