Urban Tales: Bennett Byerley from Verb Energy

Bennett Byerley from Verb Energy
by Maya Sargent | 12/20/2022 | 6:04am

Bennett Byerley from Verb Energy

On this episode of “Urban Tales,” a FUV News podcast, I interview Bennett Byerley, co-founder of Verb Energy, a reimagined energy bar made with organic green tea to reduce caffeine jitters. 

Verb energy bars come in a variety of different flavors, all of which are vegan and budget-friendly. 

As a business that started on the college campus of Yale University, Bennett and his co-founders have since expanded to New York City where they now have their foundations, as well as a growing online presence. 

In this episode, Bennett and I discuss how he found a gap in the market of the health and wellness industry, how this experience changed when he and his co-founders arrived to NYC, how they have launched their business by tailoring their brand to customer needs, and their focus on sustainability moving forward. 

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