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U2: 2015

Adam Clayton & The Edge of U2 with Rita Houston

Adam Clayton & The Edge of U2 with Rita Houston



New York City has always been a big town for U2 since they made their American concert debut at The Ritz in 1980. The Dublin quartet is back for eight sold-out shows at MSG and seeing them was one of the coolest, most meaningful live concert experiences I've had in a long time.

The show opens as Bono enters the arena singing along to Patti Smith's "People Have the Power" on speakers suspended from the ceiling. State-of-the-art video screens connect two stages via a walkway at each side of the floor making this a concert with hardly a bad seat in the house.

The set lists have been varied each night too. We got lucky and saw Jimmy Fallon guesting on a spot-on version of "Desire." Then the Roots joined in on "Angel Of Harlem."

The next afternoon it was an honor to get some time with the "string section" of the band, Edge and Adam Clayton, who were so pumped about these shows and the reaction from fans.

[recorded: 7/23/15]