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Tyler Ramsey: 2019

Tyler Ramsey in Studio A (photo by Jake Lee/WFUV)

Tyler Ramsey in Studio A (photo by Jake Lee/WFUV)



Tyler Ramsey draws inspiration from nature. He lives among mountains and rivers, his creativity flourishing among the trees and fields. It’s a natural and pure existence that lends itself to his musical vision. The Ramsey home is in North Carolina and the new Tyler Ramsey album, For The Morning, was born from times spend hiking in the forests, walking in the fields, and swimming in the streams.

For The Morning is the fourth solo album from Ramsey and his first in more than seven years. It’s also the first solo album he’s released following his time in Band of Horses, where he spent roughly a decade as guitarist and backing vocalist. Although this album comes in the wake of his 2017 departure from the band, its first seeds were planted while he was still very much active as part of the band. For The Morning reflects the difficulties Ramsey faced as a touring musician, and as a new father forced with being away from his home. It’s a human response that matches the surroundings from which the album emerged.

It was great to welcome Ramsey back to the Studio A with this terrific new album in hand. He’s visited with us in the past (including a session with Band of Horses), and this time he brought his own band to perform songs from his wonderfully organic album, For The Morning.

[Recorded: 5/1/19; Engineer: Jim O'Hara; Producer: Sarah Wardrop]