Ty Segall: 2019

Ty Segall in Studio A (photo by Kay Kurkierewicz/WFUV)

Image Caption: Ty Segall in Studio A (photo by Kay Kurkierewicz/WFUV)
by Eric Holland | 12/11/2019 | 3:58pm

Ty Segall has been relentlessly adventurous and prolific over his 13-year recording career. On his new album, First Taste, the ace guitar player puts down his primary instrument and plays an array of alternatives, like bouzouki, mandolin, omnichord and koto, on songs that retain Segall’s flair for dissonance and sense of stylistic liberty. His accompanying Freedom Band are great listeners and improvisors and it was clear from watching the group in action that their music is a result of meticulously curated chaos.

In this FUV Live session, Segall speaks about what led him to put down the guitar and pick up an array of other instruments. Segall and his bandmates also perform three songs from the new record which has a title (among other things) that reveals its mission: the songs represent the first ones written on freshly-learned instruments.

[Recorded: 10/3/19; Engineer: Jim O'Hara; Producer: Sarah Wardrop]

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