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TSA Scare Prompts Plastic Gun Ban Proposal

TSA Scare Prompts Plastic Gun Ban Proposal [Photo: Quinn Dombrowski, Flickr]


Government officials are reacting to a recent report that shows rampant airport security failures.One of them, New York Congressman Steve Israel, is trying to cut down on weapon smuggling with a bill that would ban plastic guns.

TSA data shows 95 percent of undercover investigators were able to smuggle weapons through airport security. That statistic has Congressman Israel concerned about a quickly developing new technology: 3D printing. 3D printers can make functioning guns entirely out of undetectable plastic. And Israel says this could cause even more problems for the TSA.

"If it's hard for them to pick up detectable weapons, then it's impossible for them to pick up undetectable weapons," He said.

Israel's bill would require all firearms to include at least one metal component, so TSA machines can detect them.